Cliff Hancock (Pastor and member of Jubilee Alliance )

From the Garden our very freedom has continued to bring us into captivity.

From the Garden our Father has desired Children who are free but choose to pour out that freedom before Him.

Beloved make no mistake about just how free you are in Christ.

Perhaps like me you tend to take that freedom out for a spin now and then and find your self like me, starving in the company of pigs.

David's mighty men fought sparing nothing to bring him a drink of water.

The price paid broke his heart; he counted that water to precious to consume so he poured it out before the Lord.

Lord may the price you paid for my freedom daily break my heart, that I may share Your joy in freedom poured out.

Your love continues to tame this wandering heart.

Two Questions...

"So teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom" Psalms 90:12

I have two questions that I ask at the end of a season. Perhaps you may want to give them a whirl..... However, I must warn you these questions could begin a process, but then again........... if you are reading this perhaps that process began a long time ago.

Still here???

Well here are the questions I ask at the end of each "season":

1) "Do I know the Lord Jesus better, is my experience of Him deeper or the same ?"

2) "Are my relationships with others deeper and more intimate, or have I kept others at arms length?"

You see,

If we have enjoyed all the personal success in the world in 2007 and yet our understanding of The Lord Jesus Christ has not increased, we have suffered great loss
Yet if we have endured personal loss, disappointment and even tragedy, yet our knowledge of who He is has been enlarged within us, we have had great success.

If we have gained popularity with multitudes of people yet refuse transparency and intimacy with those same people, all we have is pretence and illusion.
Yet if we have been rejected by the multitudes but have found intimacy and transparency with just one other, we have gained the richest of treasure.

Do you hear the voice of Jesus to your heart saying, "Behold I stand at the door and knock, if any one hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in and dine with him and he with Me."????

Do others hear YOUR voice to their heart saying "My friend I stand at your door and knock,  hear my voice, open the door, I will come in and dine with you...., I wont judge you, I wont reject you....just love you"?

Those around us are hungry for more of us, the real us....

Proverbs 18:1  says "A man who isolates himself seeks his own desire"

We were not designed to live the individual Christian life, there is no such life. Or for sure no Life in such a life,

We were not designed to have layers and layers of a false self covering our true self.

We have two hands one to Touch our God and one to touch others.
We have two feet, one to stand in the eternal realm and the other to make a foot stool of the world.
We have two ears, one to listen to God and one to listen to others.

If either hand is withered, stretch it out
If either foot is lame, rise up and walk
If either ear be closed, be opened

- Cliff Hancock

Ordered Of The Lord


A dear friend of mine once dropped a Pearl on me, he sail “provision is natural in the Kingdom of God.” This was his answer to my troubled mind at the time.


I have discovered that Jesus takes my stress and worry as a personal indictment against the character, and nature of The Father.


How much thought life, how much time and energy could be redirected if we just considered the lilies?


Lately I have pondered the concept of “intentional living”. I expect to complete things each day, just as The Father did in Creation.


Each completed day was related to a greater completed work that was grand indeed.


Too many times I believe we become paralyzed perhaps because we won’t begin until we “see the end”, as if any thing winds up turning out like we thought it was going too anyway.


We wait for destiny to come to us while it waits on us to come to it.


“Wait on the Lord” you say!!! “Be Careful, you don’t want to miss GOD”.


Enough already, please quit breathing your anesthesia on an already dormant mindset that plagues the Church.


There is a paradox – two opposite ideas contained in the same truth: Waiting on the Lord and Pressing toward the mark.


I have found the Lord quite good at putting up red lights when I need to stop, however my life otherwise is in a constant state of GREEN!!! Filled with YES an AMEN, GO and DO THOU LIKEWISE.


By faith I know that my steps are ordered rather than He must order me to step.


By faith I know that each day I will CHOOSE to complete, to move, to advance.


By faith I know the success’s and the failures (who are we to say which is which) will all work together as part of a grander work reserved for HIS EYES ONLY.


“Do not worry about tomorrow” My Oldest Brother said.


There are only a few things I know about tomorrow:


I have no anointing there, only now.

I have no access there, only now.


I trade my “What if’s” for “So what’s” “Even so’s” and the all time classic “Never the less”.


Stress is an imposter, and a leech sucking on what could be an unlimited life.



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