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I want YOU to become outrageously successful in life and ministry - both personally and professionally!

My friend, , Right now... everything is changing - especially in the Church! And, during this change, there is much we need to understand in order to succeed in life and ministry - both personally and professionally!

As you have probably already noticed, aimless religious routine and legalistic mindsets no longer work! And isn't exciting? You and I are privileged and fortunate to be some of the first forerunner people in history to live in this "change" that the Bible calls, "The New Day."

It is The Day of the Revealing of Christ in a People! That's why, every believer needs to be open to CHANGING what we think we know -- Everything is new! It's all about the NOW-NESS of the reality of the revelation of Christ being manifested in US. In this lifetime.

In order to fully come into this New Day, we need to fervently love God and others and become OPEN to learn and understand the unveiling Biblical truths about where we are going together as ONE unified and empowered Body.

What is sooooo great is that all of our Rightly-Dividing training, books, and coaching products are immediately applicable so that you can impact your church and contribute to expanding the Kingdom of God in your own unique and individual way. Please check out the Book Store!

It is a great honor to serve you!

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Day to day, I run an inspiring, collaborative, and results-oriented ministry.

My mission to usher the Reformation of the Church - by Breaking the Stained Glass Ceiling!.

That means we honor the valuable boundaries while pressing past all false barriers of religious ideas and mistranslations.

As a forerunner in this New Day, part of this assignment is to teach, write, and model Present Truth. This provides us the great opportunity to begin to restore believers to God's original intention of likeness and image!

In the bookstore, you'll find several relevant books and DVDs -- and you can read comments from those who have loved them in the bookstore.

I didn't start out as a author, speaker, and leader - I began as a wife and devoted mother to four kids looking for answers. No kidding. And every step of life was to find truth - it became an exciting journey to the "addiction to Truth!"

I'm passionate to find and share new revelations of the Word of God. That's Present Truth - what the Lord is saying today!

I pastored a church in Guam for 14 years - and during that time, taught a lot about the Third Day! We were isolated, and never realized that anyone else knew about the Third Day! And... I never realized that it would become a reality during my lifetime. What an incredible opportunity we have to show forth God.

Now, for these last ten years, I love to travel in apostolic/prophetic ministry! At the same time, I also oversee a Friday night Ministry Training Fellowship called, The Quickening in Norcross, GA. And, I have an Apostolic Network called Jubilee Alliance.

My purpose is to rally believers to actualize their destiny - to be BIG thinkers and dare to believe the Scriptures. We all need to be activated! We need to find genuine Koinonia (unity and fellowship).

I am thankful to stand at the forefront of a corporate movement where believers are in a great spiritual revolution to apprehend every promise of God. Want to join us?

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